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 Jim cook deck

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YGO GX- Axel

YGO GX- Axel

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PostSubject: Jim cook deck   Sun Apr 08, 2012 5:40 pm


Barrier Statue of the Drought x2
Dummy Golem
Efflorescent Knight x3
Grave Ohja
Guardian Statue x2
Medusa Worm x2
Morphing Jar
Sand Moth x3
Stone Statue of the Aztecs x3

Fusion Monsters:
Cenzoic Fossil Knight - Skullger x3
Mesozoic Fossil Knight - Skullknight x3
Paleozoic Fossil Dragon - Skullgeoth x3
Paleozoic Fossil Knight - Skullking x3


Fossil Fusion x3
Heavy Storm
Magical Stone Excavation
Miracle Dig
Mystical Space Typhoon
Monster Reborn
Shrink x2
Swords of Revealing Light
The Dark Door x2
Time Stream x2


Call of the Haunted
Dust Tornado x2
Rock Bombardment
Torrential Tribute

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Jesse Anderson

Jesse Anderson

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PostSubject: Re: Jim cook deck   Sun Apr 08, 2012 5:58 pm

How nice Surprised

I like the deck, used a Fossil deck before. Can try and recreate it and post it Very Happy
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Jim cook deck
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