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 The History of YGO

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Jesse Anderson


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PostSubject: The History of YGO   Sat Apr 14, 2012 2:01 pm

Chapter 1: Dawn of a Special Day
Sore in the eyes of the sun, Kalin woke up, in the little blanket in the alley he lived in. Times were rough when it came to him: No family, No Job, No Goals. Kalin was living in New Domino's City Slum part: The Satelite. He was marked as a Criminal, at the Age of 15. Now he's 17, taking care of himself. There is only one way to Survive in the Satelite, and that is Dueling. It was a big thing in this city, it solved problems and much more. But the problem Kalin had: He missed one card. There was no card that could fit in, but one that he knew existed somewhere. "Somewhere, Someday, the cards of Infernity will come to you. Have petience and you will be indestructable.", was the words of his father when he was introduced to the deck. He have searched far and long as a kid to find the cards, they were hidden everywhere: Ontop of houses, inside food, everything. He jumped into them as he had his day. Now, he missed only one, but it was impossible to find. He did everything that was legal in the Satelite to find the last one, but it was useless. He had given up searching 7 days ago, trying to find something else to do with his life. But it was useless, he had a dream every night that he chased the card, flying away from him. Just as he was about to grab it, he woke up. He never came further than that. Yawning and stretching, Kalin raised from the blanket and looked around. Quiet like a ghost town. Kalin liked this low populated part of the Satelite, he wasn't really a people person. He started taking a walk around, and would enjoy the landscape if it wasn't crushed like a giant stepped on the whole part of it. It would be better anyhow, no one of the City would care at all if Satelite gone down into the sea. As he walked into the main square, he noticed something that alot of people were staring at. He walked at it and looked.
"BIG SATELITE TOURNAMENT" It said, with big letters ontop with a satelite in space behind it.
"A tournament is being hosted in the Harbour part of Satelite. It will go as a King of the Hill: One needs to defeat all challengers to win the grand prize: A PLACE IN THE CITY! That's right! Your own house located in the big part known as The City! You will be given fitting clothes and some start money and off you go! A test will be before the tournament, 10 challengers will only be allowed! Be at the harbour in a week to try to get a try in the tourney!" Kalin read this and shrugged. " Tournament Here and Tournament there, don't have a deck anyhow" he thought, walking away from it. As he walked around the corner, he noticed a gang of though men with one of them dueling someone. The leader was one of the most feared people in the Satelite: John "Dead Man's Hand" Richards. He was dueling an unknown boy, but who was very scared of the man. As Kalin walked closer, he saw the field of John: Infernity Doom Drago, with two monsters he have never seen before. He started hearing their talking:
Ready now litl' Boy? I'll show you why I'm the thoughest one here! I tune my two monsters to summon my ultimate creature! Come out, Hundred-Eyes Dragon!
Kalin shaked his head, blinked several times, to see it was not a dream as the Synchro commenced. Out, in a dark light, came Hundred-Eyes Dragon, the card Kalin was looking for all along! He lost notice to the world and went into deep thoughts. "Why does he have it?" "How did he get it?" when he looked back, the duel was over and the gang walked up to the boy, about to hit him. That's when Kalin ran in with a Rusty Pipe in his hand. He slammed it against one of the members who went flying.
Keep your hands off him!
Kalin said, with a determined voice. This made them much angrier. They all took out Pipes and rushed to Kalin, he kept parrying with great finance, but didn't notice the member he hit got his counciousness back. He took up a stone and threw it on Kalin, onto his arm making the pain unbelivably strong. The gang noticed the opening and made Kalin fall to the ground. They started hitting him, several times. Kalin lost conciousness, waiting to Die. Suddenly, he heard a voice.
"Come with me, and I will give you power greater than ever...

Chapter 2: Power of What now?!
Who... Are you?... Kalin think, with the voice echoing in his mind.
I am a mere puzzle piece in your history, let me show you your future.
The darkness lift and Kalin see a City, filled with people, but some of them were in one bunch. As he looked closer, they all had a crest on their chest: A Dragon riding a motorcycle with a Kuriboh on it's head named, with letters over it saying "DG5". They were cheering as two people was dueling. When Kalin looked closer, he was shocked by the sight: It was him, dueling a short man wearing glasses having a blue robe and white hair. There was someone standing behnd him. Suddenly, Kalin started to hear their voices: "Go Kiryu!" "You can do this Syrus!" "Is this real life?". Then, Darkness overcame him again.
You see Kalin? It's your destiny, to lead people, you will not die here...
Kalin, still shoked over the sight said back to the voice.
What should I do? I am going to die here...
If you can make a promise... To follow this destiny and create the team, I will lend you my power...
Kalin never even hesitated.
I promise, that from this day forth, I will follow this destiny.
He didn't see anything, but he could feel something was smiling at him.
Then let the dance of shadows... Begin...
Kalin gained counciousness again, as he looked around, all of the gang members were in pain, great pain. Suddenly, a dark lightning burst through them, and they all died, all the way up to John. Which was still alive, but was lifted up by the throat of something invisible. He tried to scream but no voice came. Then a faint whisper was heard.
Your time has come John, the Dead Man's Hand now becomes a servant of his own name.
Suddenly, John became quiet and his hands was let down to the ground, not moving an inch. Kalin was scared, during the whole time but feared that if he'd run away he'd die too. So he sat there, watched it all happen, with terrible fear in his eyes. A card was levitated over John's body, and flied over slowly to Kalin. It floated infront of him, looking like it tried to tell him to take it. So he did, he took it and looked at it, noticing it actually was Houndred-Eyes Dragon. Then his shadow, glanced infront of him, started moving and standed. Then a figure came out of it, completely dark and the face looked like a sparrow. It looked down on Kalin, voice of death speaking to him.
My name is not important, I am Darkness itself. I am here to aid you in your journey to find the members you need. We have alot to do, Kalin.
Kalin looked at him, now knowing that it was the voice that sppok through his mind, stood right infront of him. He had many thoughts in his head, one was "Why did I agree to this? "What should I do?" Then, a thought came: "The future demands my actions", with that, he looked at Darkness, burning with the eyes of hate.
I have one request though... One which will take awhile, but I think we can both make profit out of this...

Chapter 3 coming soon!

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PostSubject: Re: The History of YGO   Sat Apr 14, 2012 3:14 pm

cheers it's really good Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: The History of YGO   Sat Apr 14, 2012 3:58 pm

I dont know if this first thing is considered a match, but can we please have monster stats when they are played in the matches?

Btw, awesome :-) never seen a written YGO story before.
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PostSubject: Re: The History of YGO   

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The History of YGO
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