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 My version of team history

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YGO GX Leader-Darkness

YGO GX Leader-Darkness

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My version of team history - Page 6 Empty
PostSubject: Re: My version of team history   My version of team history - Page 6 I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 18, 2012 5:08 pm

Thanks, but for now, with my time, I am dedicating to short stories only. The only exception was a friend of mine who is creating a game, and asked me to make it a storyline. nd I did, and I liked it, so I may do some more game storylines on the future. But for now.....

Chapter 32- Deal.

The purplish-dark glow started to swallow the gameshop. Inside it were still Mai, Atticus, Darkness, Kiryu, Jesse and Astral. Pegasus Jumped over to try to reach the gameshop. However, Spiky chains with the same collor as the potal appeared, sealing both pegasus's arms and legs. And on top of that, a chain in Pegasus's neck that leaded to Pandora's hand.

-Pandora!- Screamed Pegasus- What the hell! They are not involved with all of this! Let them go!

-Oh my innocent Pegasus.- Said Pandora laughing- You really do not know wht bound by a contract means do you? Have you ever thought that the chains of our Master's deal with you wouldn't have effect on you anymore?

-Cut out this crap Pandora!- Pegasus was getting angrier and angrier as th gameshop was slowly beeing devoured by the portal- They wont survive down thre! I will go with you without exitating! Just let them go!

-Oh my poor, poor child- said Pandora forcing Pegasus head with her hands, forcing him to look at th gameshop.- Have you forgotten that you are only a mistake in this world? And what's worse, you interacted with them! You and I, both know that this transformed them into mistakes too!

-No..- Said Pegasus crying, horrified by the vision of th gameshop sinking into the floor, slowly- No more of this... Please!

Memories start to flash in Pegasus's head. Bad memories. Memories of happiness. Memories h wantd to forget, not to suffer from the sight he was seeing. And no matter how hard he tryed to look away, Pandora's hands wont let him look away, nor close his eyes.

-Aww, are you crying? Well, let me make you feel better. Why do you think I brought all of them with me?- Said Pandora looking behind her, where Hercules an the others were standing- Do you thi9nk it was to tak them for a walk? You know I do not do that! I brought them in case you denied the invitation I sent you, or if you did not recieved my letter.

Pegasus eyes oppened wide by the horror

-Pandora! You don't mean...- said Pegasus

-Yes- replied Pandora- Our master sent all of us hre, in order to kill all of them. Since you are here outside, and came by your own free will, then I thought it would be better for everyone if I just sent them to the abyss. There they will die as painfully as if thy were killed here. see? Thy were doomed from th very beggining!- Pandora put a big smile on her face- even if you did not come with us, we were going to kill them anyway!

Pegasus's tears start to flow more fastly now. H screamed into th air whil th last bit of the gameshop was swallowed by the floor. The portal clozed, and the light that came from it ceased. Now, where the gameshop used to stand, there is nothing.

-Pandora-sama!- screamed Hydra, the red haired boy- Artemisa-san is crying!

-No I am not!- said the blond girl wiping of her tears.

-Artemisa is crying! Artemisa is Crying!
-Artemisa is crying! Artemisa is Crying!-sang both of the children.

-Stop it!- Said Pandora while dragging the motionless Pegasus by his chain.- W must go. Now that we have him, master's plan will be much easier.

As she passed through artemisa she wispered some words on her ear, and marched away. As Artmisa stard on the ground holding back her tears, all her other companions passed through her giving different looks at her. Hrcules smiled at her, Hydra and Perseus showed her their tongue and Narcisus, as a gentlman, bowed, holding his overisized hat.

Artemisa stood there listening to Pandora's word over and over on her head.

"I told you I would kill him."

After some minutes passed, a tear fell of to the ground.
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YGO GX Leader-Darkness

YGO GX Leader-Darkness

Posts : 222
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My version of team history - Page 6 Empty
PostSubject: Re: My version of team history   My version of team history - Page 6 I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 25, 2012 4:16 pm

Chapter 33- lost

The gameshop shook up, like in an earthquake. Staring at the door, with all their concentration, were Kiryu and Darkness, both who did not sleep all night long. They were still wearing their normal gear, ready for battle as allways. A peuple shine came from outside, both knew very well what was happening, but stood still. After all, ehty were both prepared for this.

-It seems your theory was indeed correct.- said Darkness looking at Kiryu- Altho I did not expect the decision of taking the entire gameshop with all of us locked inside.
-Yeah well- said Kiryu- After overcoming th D-day, I think we can pull ourselfes our an exit of this situation.

A loud male scream was heard, and after some seconds, a second scream came. Darkness and Kiryu looked at the door behind, knowing what was coming.

And just as they predicted in their minds, both of them came. Jesse stormed out of the clozed door, wearing only his boxers, and with a pillow under his arm. Atticus came after him, wearing a full pijama, including one of those little hats, that could only be seen in tv, because noone actually wore those.

-What the hell is happening in here!?- asked loudly both Jesse and Atticus
-I mean, I was just sleeping- started to explain Jesse, not letting go of his pillow- and when I looked outside, there was nothing but this... creepie kind of landscape!
-Me too!- Said Atticus- I mean, what was THAT thing?! What happened outside?!

After all those questions, yet a third voice screamed, but this one came from th ceiling. And passing through it, came Astral.

-The outside is... Gone!- said the outdated Astral.

-Wait, before explaining, Or going out- pointed out Kiryu- could anyone call for mai?
-Yes, I will do it- said Jesse, running slowly to Mai's room

After he left, Attcis said:
-Shpould we warn him?
-Nah- said Astral- this might be funny.

After a short silence, a scream was heard, then a bump, then a hit, then another scream, and shortly after that, came Jese flying out of the door, towards the wall, hitting his head, as hard as possible, against the wall.
Behind him, came mai, with her.... peculiar Pijamas.

-You freaking pervert!- Screamed Mai- How dare you to appear on my room, not only dressed like that! But also, with... Blargh!- Mai did a disgusted expression. The word she was looking for was "morning reflexes" I guess.
-Hey,- Asked Darkness while lifting up the head of the ssemi-conscious Jesse- Are you ok?
-I can see rainbows!- answred Jesse in a drunk-linke voice, while Astral and Atticus laughed their asses of.

After helping Jesse getting back on his feet. arkness started the explanation:

-Here is what happened, some days ago Pegasus recieved a very strange letter, delivered by a woman named "Pandora". With Kiryu, we made a copy of said letter, and tryd to slove the code to it, if pegasus stayed with it.
-How wat the code?-Asked Atticus
-It seemed pretty hard at the beggining- said Kiryu- In fact, a head scrathcer. But we soon realized that none of the letters was the same. Not only that, the top of each letter was very simmilar to the top of some letters of the common lenguaje. So we tryed outfolding the paper, and that was it, the code revealed itself.
-And what was the content of the letter?- Asked Astral
-It was an invitation.- Said Darkness- By some guy named "Void"
-Wait- Said Jesse, still scratching his head after the hit- wasnt void thos little strings you and Pegasus could pull or something?
-Yeah, but I dont think it has something to do with this guy.... For now, we must do something first...

After finishing that line, Kiryu jumped over, behind Mai, and asked straight:
-Who is Pandora, Mai? And do not try to fool us, we know you must be familiarized with something of this.

Mai was shocked, frozen....
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YGO GX Leader-Darkness

YGO GX Leader-Darkness

Posts : 222
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My version of team history - Page 6 Empty
PostSubject: Re: My version of team history   My version of team history - Page 6 I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 28, 2012 9:14 pm

Chapter34- truth

Kiryu looked angry. Mai stood silent and started to get away from him, but suddenly she found herself between Kiryu and Darkness. Atticus, Jesse and Astral just watched, well... Jeesse was still recovering from the strong hit.

-Take it all out, who is Pandora?- Asked Kiryu

-I...- Hesitated Mai- I don't know...

-Stop lying!- Screamed Kiryu.- At first I wasnt going to go this harsh on you, but we are all in danger now!

-I really don't know!- Said again Mai- And where is Pegasus by the way? What did you guys did to him?!- asked Mai

-He is with her- Said Darkness

-H.... her?- Asked mai

-With this Pandora Lady- Said Darkness

-What about telling us all you know about her? After all, she got your guy, and she got us to this freaky place!- Said Kiryu

Jesse oppened the door to observe the landscape. The earth was pueple, the sky was black. But yet, there was light enough to see monsters wondering around. At the horison, a giant mountain could be seen, and behind it, a towed bigger than the mountain itself.

-He... only told me one thing- Explained Mai, staring at the ground as some tears fell from her eyes- He only told me...He got a pact with her.... He told me I could not know what kind of pact... He just said that if he went away some day, that I souldnt go after him..... That is all....

-Well that sorts of explain the content of the letter- said Darkness.

" The time has come, my dear Pegasus. The paradox is over, and your paymnt has to come now. I will send Pandora to take your part of the deal. You had enough time for goodbies allready.


That was what the letter said, an invitation from, some guy named void, apparently. But what was this deal mentioned?

-And what is here?- Asked Kiryu to himself.

-I don't know- Said Astral- But I think it's better to go to that tower to ask it out. Dont you think?

-Yeah, Said Jesse- Let's go!

-Aren't you forgetting something?- Asked Atticus while throwing Jesse's pillow at him- I think you berret get dressed before we proceed.

-You too- pointed out Jesse, looking at Atticus.

But what waited at that tower was far more dangerous that what they could ever believe.
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PostSubject: Re: My version of team history   My version of team history - Page 6 I_icon_minitime

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My version of team history
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