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 Mai needs help here lol

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YGO Leader -Mai Valentine

YGO Leader -Mai Valentine

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PostSubject: Mai needs help here lol   Fri May 04, 2012 8:57 pm

Harpy lady deck help needs to be faster and more effective
3+ harpies brother
1+ blackwing zephyrhos the elite
2+ dragunuity darkspears
3+ harpy lady 1
3+ harpy queens
3+ mist valley falcons
3+ mist valley soldiers
2+ big bang shot
3+ burden of the mighty
2+ harpies hunting ground
1+ heavy storm
1+ monster reborn
2+ swallows nest
2+ sword of revealing light
2+ bottomless trap hole
1+ call of the haunted
2+ dimensional prison
2+ fiendish chains
1+ mirror force
1+ limit reverse
1+ torrential tribute
1+ safe zone
2+ icarus attack
Extra deck
3+ blood mephist
2+ dragunity knight trident

lol yeah i need it to be faster and more effective keeping with the mephits and tridents if possible
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Mai needs help here lol
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