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 New place you can call home

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Jesse Anderson


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PostSubject: New place you can call home   Fri Oct 14, 2016 1:59 pm

Hello everyone! Long time no talk.

Hope you're all living, breathing and not sick. So since most connections have been severed because everyone travelled their own path, I thought I'd make a forum post for all those out there that would like to still keep in touch, duel and etc.

So case and point: A friend of mine runs an RP server on RP infinite, dedicated to DMU/DMG. If anyone is interested in roleplaying while dueling and also hanging with a fun group of people, you can find me there!

It's easy to spot it by going into "RP Infinite" and look for the Yu-Gi-Oh! server. Join that, read forum that has all the info and if you feel like hanging around or participating, that's the place.

Any questions or just simple "Hay how you doing?" just add me on Byond as Karsar, my old one got bugged (MichaelPe). Other than that, if you have Steam, search for "Carrotcaviar".

Miss y'all, good luck and fortune to everyone!
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New place you can call home
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