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 Rules for the Forum and Team

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5Ds Leader Kiryu
5Ds Leader Kiryu

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Rules for the Forum and Team Empty
PostSubject: Rules for the Forum and Team   Rules for the Forum and Team I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 12, 2012 7:05 pm

Oh joy regulated fun, just wat everyone wants, but its necessary that I draw the line sumwhere, so we dont run into anymore misunderstandings or problems.


1) My word along with the other leaders or forum mods are law....thats the way it is deal with it <.<

2) Dont be a douchebag: this includes trolling and harassing other teams and players on DMG as well as our own members

3) absolutely under no circumstance is hacking or phishing or anything of that nature allowed on the teams server or forum....last time i had to perma ban an ip due to a server hack threat

4) ALL members can recruit as long as a LEADER is notified this will alleviate all the confusion with regards to the names being giving out and whose joining as wat, also a non-leader member can test in only if a leader is present or has given permission

5) No Racism, we all like to have fun and joke around but there is a line so dont cross it

6) Most important of all HAVE FUN, winning isnt everything so dont be a sore loser or dick about it, play for fun with the team and the love of the game

If u follow these simple rules we wont have an issue.....failure in doing so will result in wat I or any of the other leaders decide as acceptable punishment for the offense, this could be anything from a time out to a trip to the chamber of enteral misery.
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Rules for the Forum and Team
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