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 YGO 5Ds - Ghost

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YGO 5Ds - Ghost

YGO 5Ds - Ghost

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PostSubject: YGO 5Ds - Ghost   YGO 5Ds - Ghost I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 04, 2012 1:45 pm

Hello Duelist

Im The Ghost, was Formerly Known as Harald However a Change was clearly in Order

I suggest you dont Turbo Duel with me, or your going to Crash and Burn... Literelly

Anyway, Im a pretty fine guy, my Temper doesnt know the meaning of "Bad", I dont get angry very easily, I will sometimes try to make a Joke or 2 but they're never funny, so dont heed them

I am also willing to hand out Decks to people (ones made Online) incase there is a Deck you Particularly Liked

and as the Ghost from the Anime would probably Say

"Keep off the Streets, Or the Ghost will Hunt you Down"
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YGO 5Ds - Ghost
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